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Indij Readers Ltd (Indij Readers) is a unique and innovative Aboriginal charity that advocates for the building of reconciled and shared spaces, where all Australians have the opportunity to connect with the ancient heart of the country and share in the beauty, knowledge and appreciation of Australia’s First Peoples.

The company works in partnership with Aboriginal people, communities, organisations, agencies, the non-government sector, and education and learning institutions in the development of both traditional and contemporary story, learning experiences and shared spaces.

The opportunity to experience story, culture, heritage and history opens hearts and minds. Learning from people through their stories improves our understanding of and concern for all humanity.

This process can contribute towards a sense of responsibility for understanding others through identifying with individual characters, places and circumstance. The notion of shared responsibility is one that will change how as a country we care for each other and care for Country.

The unique nature of our books allows the reader to absorb and be nourished with something from a context that will deepen their understanding of Aboriginal people, their culture, heritage, identity, history and perspective.

Story develops language and literacy skill. The inherent power in story naturally draws the child listener, whether they are an able or less able reader, story captivates attention and fires imagination.

Indij Readers books allow the reader to be exposed to wonderful words, familiar and unfamiliar, common and grand, wild and joyful Aboriginal English as well as traditional Aboriginal language.

Encompassed within our titles are traditional Aboriginal Dreaming stories and those stories that have been passed down through the generations.

These stories allow the reader to share insight into the connectedness and nature that Land and Country has in the life of Aboriginal people, give unity and purpose to Aboriginal society and community, and are an important source of nourishment in the maintenance of identity and cultural growth.

Each and every story has the capacity to give the listener; understanding, appreciation and perspective of Aboriginal Australia, its diverse richness stimulating thought and building knowledge through difference and perspective.

Through the stories of Aboriginal peoples’ spiritual ancestors the reader will gain understanding and insight. Understanding and beliefs of particular environmental and topographical features as well as traditional Aboriginal moral and ethical teaching are encountered throughout some of our newer titles.

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